Fields of action

Creation and management of companies

Our fast-track process of creation of Companies will allow you to set up your Spanish Company, either as a Spanish Limited Liability Company or a Spanish Stock Company. Note that Spanish Limited Liabilities Companies need a minimum capital of 3000 Euros for their constitution and foreign companies, i.e. a German GmbH, may be shareholders of a Spanish Limited Liability Company.

In cooperation with our team of Tax Consultants, we can provide full tax and accounting services for any kind of company.

Last but not least, for those willing to invest in Spain quickly, we hold several companies that are free of any burdens and up-to-date with tax payments. These companies may be transferred to our clients within 24 hours.

Specialists in real estate law

The main focus of our firm lies in the handling of real estate matters. In this area, our lawyers draw on many years of experience.

We advise our clients in both real estate transfers such as purchases, sales, inheritances or transfers of property into a company, as well as in all other matters related to real estate, such as rectification in the land registry or cadastre, obtaining building permits and the legalization of existing construction.

Furthermore, we advise on easements, lease and tax matters.