Our experienced team of German and Spanish lawyers advise on all matters between Spain and Germany. Mr. RA Gerboth specializes in real estate law and can advise on legal and tax issues concerning the purchase of a new property in Spain, both as an inflation-proof investment as well as a second or principal residence.

We assist you in the entire process of real estate acquisition in Spain: from the option agreement, over the notary deed up to the registration in the land register.

We also take into consideration, already when preparing the purchase of an estate, to create an individual structure that will prevent families from the excessive burdens of future inheritance tax, because the inheritance tax for non-residents is quite high. There is only a maximum tax free amount of € 15,000 and the average taxation was about 33%, in this moment 1 %. Mr. RA (Attorney) Gerboth practices especially real estate and inheritance law scince many years.

Mr. Gerboth is co-author of an important manual on private property published in the editorial Stollfusswith the title “manual on private property”. Mr. Gerboth was written with the assistance of Ms. RA Seidel the entire section about Spain, especially explaining matters of inheritance and property law.

We advise about every detail relating the establishment of a new business existence  in all legal aspects. We assist with the foundation of a new company, and take care of the registration in the commercial register and all other registrations that are necessary.

We will advise on the establishment of a comprehensive new corporate existence of all legal aspects. We help you with the creation of a new society, and the registration in the commercial register and the commercial registration.

Attorney Ms. Seidel also specializes in all matters of property and social heritage. Ms. Seidel offers help to the legalization of tourist rental property and all other real estate matters.

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