Since Mr. Christian Gerboth started working as a Spanish lawyer in Majorca and settled in the Island his residence, he has made a name for himself in the legal scene. Lawyer Christian Gerboth has been admitted to the bar of the Balearic Islands for more than 15 years (Abogado) and has been practicing as an attorney on the island ever since. He has published numerous professional articles on issues related to real estate law and is co-author of a legal commentary on Spanish property law.

Gerboth & Partner European Lawyers counsels international clients on all Spanish law issues, mainly in the fields of property and real estate law. We advise on all legal aspects relating to purchase, management and sale of real estate property in Spain. Our lawyers offer long-standing local knowledge with an internationally integrated approach.

Our activities include individual legal consultancy and contract drafting in the field of Spanish civil law. We mainly advise on issues related to property and inheritance law.

Our team

Christian Gerboth

Rechtsanwalt & Abogado

Rechtsanwalt & Abogado
Master of European Studies (Barcelona)
Licence en Droit
Accredited in Germany and Spain

Specialized in real estate, inheritance and corporate law, as well as on real estate purchases and sales, and offers full support for companies. He has been working since 1999 in Spain, and he was one of the founding partners of the law firm ETL Majorca where he practiced law from the year 2000 to 2012 when he founded the law firm ELP Majorca Lawyers.

President of the European association of entrepreneurs - AEEM and member in the German-Spanish Lawyers Association. Author of numerous articles about Spanish law and co-author of the manual on private property in editorial Stollfuss, in which he wrote the part about Spanish law.

Correspondence languages: German, Spanish, English and French

Carina Seidel

Rechtsanwältin & Abogada inscrita

Rechtsanwältin & Abogada inscrita
Accredited in Germany and Spain

Specialized in real estate, tenancy, inheritance and company law.

Correspondence languages: German, Spanish and English

Florian Daubitz

Abogado & LL.B.

Abogado (Spanish Lawyer) & Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía (Universidad de Granada)
Double Degree in German and Spanish Law (Universität Bayreuth/ Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla)
Specialized in Real Estate and Inheritance Law
Languages: German, Spanish, English